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as the name suggests we specialise in providing penile enlargement procedures also known as Penoplasty of Phalloplasty to clients in the London area. The fully qualified surgeons can all be found on the GMC register and offer a full range of surgical and non surgical male enlargement treatments.


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Length and Girth Surgery

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The girth of the penis can be significantly increased utilising Hyaluronic acid injections.

Non - Surgical Penile Enhancement

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What You Need to Know about Male Enlargement Surgery

The area of cosmetic surgery is wide open and there are many different types of surgery that may be included under that umbrella term. Some are well-known, such as facelifts or breast augmentation surgery. Others, however, may be relatively common and gaining in popularity, but they are rarely ever discussed. One of those is male enlargement surgery, also referred to as penis augmentation surgery, or Penoplasty.

There are 2 different things that can be achieved by this type of surgery. For some men, it may be an enlargement in the girth of the penis but in other men, it could be a lengthening of the penis. In some men, it may be a combination of the two that is desired.

The specific procedures that are done for each of these types of surgeries are quite different from each other.

To extend the length of the penis, it is necessary for the suspensory ligament to be cut that attaches the penis to the body. This has the effect of causing the penis to drop down lower when it is flaccid. If the Penoplasty operation includes enlarging the girth or the width of the penis, this takes place in a different manner. Fat is transferred from another area of the body and used to increase the width of the penis, alternativly penis enlargement injections with Hyaluronic acid filler can also be used for girth. In most cases a girth augmentation and a lengthening of the male member is done at the same time. This is done to give a more natural appearance after the operation is complete.

Prior to the time that the procedure takes place, a visit to the cosmetic surgeon will occur. During this initial meeting, the surgeon should understand your expectations of what you would like to see after the surgery takes place. You may also be asked for some reasoning on why you want to have the surgery. At that point, the cosmetic surgeon can provide you with information about the surgery itself and other issues that may be involved. This allows you to make the most informed decision possible.

During this meeting with the cosmetic surgeon, they may also provide you with some before-and-after pictures of previous patients. This can help to put your mind at ease and also give you a realistic indication of what is possible with this type of surgery.

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More and more men are taking advantage of this type of procedure.

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As long as you go into it with a realistic outlook and understanding the benefits and risks involved, it may be a surgery you would want to consider as well, If so contact us today by simply completing the contact form here.