Jes Penile Extenders By Jes Extenders

You may be looking to enlarge your penis to have bigger girth; you may also want to enlarge your penis to overcome a micro-penis condition. Either way, when faced with the need to enlarge your penis, you cannot run short of enlargement solutions. However, the best solution is one which does not have negative side effects while at the same time yielding permanent positive results such as the Jes Penile extenders.

The Jes Penile Extenders are clinically proven penile extenders. The devices are used to naturally enlarge penises, with a potential of as much as 24% growth from the original size using the traction method. Additionally, these devices have been used by thousands to overcome Peyronie’s disease which cements the reputation of the devices as medical tools.


These extenders bear a European Certificate as medical devices. The certification in many regards is the most important feature that the devices have. However, you will be pleased to note that the company also has patents for all their devices across all major markets which shows the device uniquely engineered as a solution for penile enlargement. Other features are:

#1. A robust build that entails the elongation bars, basal ring, hexagonal pistons, and other components.
#2. Uses of anti-allergic organic plastics.
#3. An adaptable size. It can fit any penis within the 1 to 8 inches in size.

Details Of The Jes Penile Extenders

Jes Extenders are led by pioneer’s of the penile extender industry, developed in corporation with the leading Scandinavian penoplasty surgeon. Importantly, it has been certified as a medical device and countless clinical studies have shown the device to be effective. The Jes Penile Extenders leverage natural physiological processes to increase the size of the penis rather than altering the chemical composition of the penis.

Unlike many other penile extension methods, the use of the Jes Penile Extenders are far more effective as they use a proven body enlargement concept – traction. Traction is the process of using some gentle force to enlarge a body part, which in this case is the penile member. By stretching the penis through traction, you effectively elongate the associated suspensory ligaments, which draw out the portions of the penis that lies just beneath the shaft. Furthermore, the stretching process stimulates the cells in the penis to divide, hence causing a permanent increment in the penis size.

While the Jes Extenders were pioneers of this industry, they have not rested on there. They continue to innovate and improve the design of the penis extender. Chief among the design improvements that they have incorporated into their penis extender is an all-new comfortable strap system that not only improves the effectiveness of the device but also makes it much more comfortable. Consequently, the device tends to have better grip and offers better penis security, thereby improving the distribution of the traction.

Best Used By?

The Jes Penile Extenders are best used by men looking to increase the size of the penises to a size they are more comfortable in. The devices are also a perfect solution for anyone looking to naturally deal with the Peyronie’s disease.