A Guide To The Different Types Of Penile Enlargement Procedures

Penile enlargement or penile enhancement surgery is a treatment option that must cross the mind of every male who is unsatisfied with the size of his penis. At the same time, he must wonder whether having surgery performed on such a delicate part of one’s anatomy is a good idea. Is the change of having a larger penis really worth the risk of placing one’s penis “under the knife”? While there are several safer penis enlargement methods available, penile enlargement surgery is one of the most effective.

This page will provide information on the three different types of penis enlargement surgery and its associated risks.

Penis enhancement is gaining acceptance

The Ligament Cutting Procedure for length

The ligament cutting procedure is one of the most popular penile enlargement surgery alternatives. The penis is a body part attached to the pubic bone through these ligaments, and this surgical procedure involves cutting of some suspensory ligaments. By cutting ligaments, the penile shaft originally contained within the body will be moved outside of the body enhancing the length of the penis.

To achieve permanent lengthening of the penis, it is necessary for patients to a traction device to prevent the cut ligaments from shrinking. Statistics indicated that despite this post-procedural activity, ligament cutting surgery presents with mild satisfaction among most male patients.

Additional side effects associated with ligament cutting procedure include causing the erect penis to point towards the floor instead of upwards. This is due to the fact that the suspensory ligaments support a penile erection. Moreover, the penis skin is not lengthened resulting in the development of a “hairy area” near the base of the penis.

The Liposuction Fat Transfer for Girth

Another penile enlargement surgery option is the transfer of liposuction fat into the penis. The fat is obtained from the abdomen or thighs of the patient and then placed into the penis to increase its size. Positive results are experienced, immediately after the procedure men usually see about a 30% increase in the width of their erect penis after this procedure also as the procedure uses the patients own fat the chances of reaction are minimal.

Studies show that approximately 80% of the injected fat is reabsorbed within twelve months. Furthermore, the penis can present with an abnormal appearance; this is because the penis head remains the same size and the penis shaft has been enlarged. SPEAK TO THE SURGEON REGARDING GLANS ENLARGEMENT

Penis enhancement is gaining acceptance

More and more men are taking advantage of this type of procedure.

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As long as you go into it with a realistic outlook and understanding the benefits and risks involved, it may be a surgery you would want to consider as well, If so contact us today by simply completing the contact form here.