Penoplasty Surgery in the UK  – Patients Can Be More Confident

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When it comes to penoplasty surgery UK men have far more options available to them today than they did in the past. Indeed, penile enhancement surgery is now safer than it has ever been, and there are options that can provide increases in length and girth without affecting sensitivity or sexual performance.

For a long time, penoplasty was something that was never talked about, and that men were understandably rather nervous about. That is changing, though, and today more and more men are opting to get the surgery. It’s still not quite as common as breast enhancement surgery for women, but in terms of penoplasty surgery UK men are starting to see the appeal.

Simple and Safe

Traditional implants were risky. They required large incisions and therefore had long healing times. They could be rejected by the body, and they didn’t always feel natural or comfortable. Do you want to feel a foreign body inside your body all the time? It’s only natural that some men were put off by this idea. Modern penoplasty surgery doesn’t use implants. Rather, it relies on fat transplants. Some of your own fat is taken from your thigh, buttocks or belly, and transplanted into the penis to increase the girth. Because it’s your own fat, you aren’t going to reject it. If the fat transplant takes and the fat cells live in their new location, then you have successful surgery. If they fail and die off, then they will be broken down by the body and you’re not at any risk because there’s no difference between the cells breaking down there, and breaking down elsewhere.

Surgeons can’t guarantee that the fat transplant will work, but the success rate is improving as technology improves, so it’s a viable option and one that is pretty popular these days.

If you want surgery to improve the length of your penis then that’s a bit more of an involved procedure but it can still be done as an outpatient procedure, and you will be discharged within a few hours of the surgery being done. You will need to avoid driving for a while afterwards, and avoid exercise and in particular things like contact sports until the surgery has healed. As long as your job doesn’t involve driving (or manual labor), though, you will find that you don’t need to worry too much – you can still go to do an office job. No-one needs to know that you have just had surgery.


Improve Your Confidence

Penoplasty can help to increase your confidence in your dating life and in the bedroom. It’s something that feels natural and it won’t change your experience but it’s likely that your partner will love it. There are numerous private providers, and you can find clinics up and down the country that offer it. So why not contact a penoplasty specialist today to discuss your options, and see whether this type of procedure would work for you. It’s a chance to give your dating life a boost.